bottle1About Premium Herbal Oil

Our Premium Herbal Oil is made from the highest quality herbs of Thailand. These herbs were farmed on a private ranch in the vicinity of Unesco World Heritage Site Khao Yai Mountain and cultivated without toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides and chemical fertilization methods. The formulas used for the products are based on ancient knowledge of herbs and the herbs are traditionally cultivated by members of one single family.

Thailand has a longstanding tradition of herbal medicine that, like many aspects of Thai culture, derives its origins from ancient India. Thai herbal medicine has its roots in ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices, and arrived in Thailand along with Buddhist missionary monks, who were trained as healers. This medical knowledge was passed on to local traditional healers who kept this practice within their families, with knowledge passed down orally from generation to generation.

Our private organic farm 30,000 square meters
Our private organic farm 30,000 square meters

Dr. Vichai Sukjaroen, the producer of the Ancient Thai Herbal Healing Oil is a respected traditional healer who inherited this knowledge from his father and gained fame in the whole of Thailand for his knowledge of herbal medicine.

If you’re looking for an alternative natural remedy for diabetic foot care, cosmetic skin care or therapeutic body care, our herbal oil is a safe and effective herbal treatment to improve your health. Over a hundred biologically cultivated herbs are traditionally blended and formulated to transport their potency deep into the skin. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this oil is 100% natural and contains no artificial additives and preservatives.


Thai and Herbal Medicine Testing

At a time when an increasing number of customers are looking to complement Western forms of medicine with more traditional forms, there is growing concern over the need for suppliers to demonstrate the quality and safety of their products. We have taken the initiative to demonstrate to customers and regulators across the globe that safety is a priority, and that our products have been tested to the highest standards with cutting-edge technology and methodologies by SGS.